12 in 12 2019

After the past few years fundraising for  MND Charities I felt that It was time I opened up what I had been doing to other great causes out there.  This isnt because I stopped caring about one cause over another, it's because loads of really awful things are happening in this world.  Happening to people I know and love, happening to people I don't know but who have taken then time to support the 12 previously.  Basically, I felt the 12 was becoming more about my challenges, than things I cared about.  And that wasn't the point.  So with a lack of any idea of what to do next, and no way that I could realistically see to out do last year (see becoming more about the challenge!) and I knew I couldnt' let the 12 just go, I decided that the 12 in 12 would be 12 charities in 12 months instead.  Each month a different charity will fall under the 12 spotlight as much as I can.  

The Charities

I will still be marathoning this year, just not in the same way. So far the races I have are... 

  • Manchester Marathon

  • Edinburgh Marathon

  • Belfast Marathon

  • The Big 60 (a 12in12 run... join me?) - more details coming soon!

If you are at any of these events - or know of any interseting ones coming up, let me know!! I would love to share your stories too! 

This year the 12 needs to more more about you!!