Mother Running Twelve

I wrote a book. I failed at the blog, because it was too much to update. I was kinda lax at the facebook updates, because although easier to update I didn't always feel like I had anything to say. So when the 12 were done, I wrote a book. There is logic in there I assure you. I wrote it 3 weeks after Dublin, when I had so much to say and I wanted to say it and I wanted to be able to answer all the questions that I was asked that I didn't know how to either answer, or I had so many words I didn't know which ones to use. Maybe if you read the book you will think that I still didn't. I had dreams of it being a number one bestseller by Christmas. Of course I say this with a chuckle, but between you and I, ooh wouldn't that be lovely.

Any money raised from the book will be going to MND Scotland, it is a continuation of my fundraising more than anything else, of course it was cathartic to help me deal with the end of what was a massive part of my life for so long, and this way I will always have the memories that I can hold in my hands. That is the selfish part of me I suppose. Anyway my editor still has it, and despite my best efforts to had her a super clean document, I expect that it will be a little bit longer. Maybe a Spring bestseller.

As ever, thank you.

C xxx