Don't make resolutions, just do more.

Why I don’t like new year’s resolutions.

And it’s not because I am a misery… I just don’t buy it.

When I was thinking about this I looked into the top 2017 new years resolutaions ( The very first google hit…so a little lazy but none of these surprise me and I am sure many of us can relate.

  1. Diet of eat healthier

  2. Exercise More

  3. Lose Weight

  4. Save more and spend less

  5. Learn a new skill or hobby

  6. Quit smoking

  7. Read more

  8. Find another job

We have all thought of at least 1 of these at some point in our lives, right? So, here are a few that I have made in the past…

  1. To keep my car clean

  2. To drink enough water

  3. To keep on top of laundry

  4. To wear matching underwear daily

  5. To open all my mail

  6. To listen to voicemails

  7. To make phone calls myself

None of these are particularly major, and all achievable and yet, here I am at the end of another year stressed out because yeah, I did none of these things. Maybe 2018…

But you know what I did do? Loads of stuff that actually made me feel really good about myself.

I achieved loads of things that weren’t on some level thought up to change who I am (a slightly dehydrated voicemail ignoring mismatched underwear messy car driver). In stead they were things that I di that made me feel good about myself, running more marathons, encouraging others to do things, being kinder, helping more… with the boost of esteem I got from doing these things I feel I became a better person. I and I bet over 2017 you did similar, even if you have to take a moment to think about it, you will undoubtedly have done something amazing this year that has made you feel better/more accomplished, happier person.

I read a post on Facebook this week, “I refuse to go into 2018 with 2017 problems”. I love this sentiment… but also, for many (can say most of us?) this is near impossible. Yes, a new year is a new start, but in the mess of our lives, it really isn’t. Now, I am not trying to bring anyone down, but you and I both know that the promise that 2018 is going to be the best year ever is kind of a lie.… yes, It may well be awesome, but fundamentally we are all the same. I am certainly not transforming into anyone else, for all my flaws and bad habits because I like me, and you should feel the same. (Like yourself that is, you are welcome to like me too).

Brace yourself for the social media storm that’s headed our way over the next few weeks, we all know what’s coming. Now I know you are smart enough to know that all of this isn’t real life, it’s not… The same reason you or I don’t post all my, literally, dirty laundry, on line, no one else does either. … No one lives in a perfect home with an empty laundry basket, is ALWAYS well hydrated, and lives a problem free life. not. One. Of. Us Everyone is getting by, everyone has something to promote to their agenda, myself included.

Ok, so with that out of the way, what do I want to say? Make 2018 an awesome year for you. I’ve set my goals, ranging from the newest 12in12 challenge, to making sure I hoover the car once a week. or even make sure I get through the laundry enough that I am not double wearing workout gear (Imma be honest that goal will be coming into 2019… 2020… the foreseeable.) I’m a WIP I know this, but we all are.

C xx