Podcast Ep. 4 - Taking Chances.

When I started the 12, I wasn’t sure I could do it. Much like the first time we start anything there is always that doubt, perhaps this isn’t the case for everyone, but certainly I think this is true for the majority of us. Anyway, the is the self-doubt that we must overcome, and take the risk of failing or messing up, or totally embarrassing ourselves, or actually doing amazing well and succeeding, or maybe we turn out just average. These are good outcomes, because at least we have given, whatever it is, a shot. The only certain thing, is that if we don’t try we will definitely fail. (I am trying to avoid being self helpy, but in this case it was inevitable.)

So, in order to get an idea of other risks that people took, I went onto google and found myself on Reddit. There is a whole world of Internet I clearly know nothing about…but in be brief piece of research I discovered the following…

  1. Travel – I read a thread about someone wanting to climb Everest, but he was told you will probably die so don’t waste your time or money, in this instance I would say speak to a proper travel agent, not Reddit.

  2. Glass Blowing – fear of melting molten glass into their arms

  3. Randomly ask someone out – in case they said no

  4. Snorkeling – but the ocean is scary (I must agree 100% with this, but also, I did eventually give it a go (after trying Scuba and that was WAY too far for me) and did some solo snorkeling in the Red Sea (because I had no mates and Chris was off doing actual deep Scuba stuff. A fish swam up my shorts. I will say no more. But I did it.)

  5. Do Stand Up Comedy – I think the fear here is obvious.

  6. Sky diving

  7. Driving a car alone and getting lost and everyone knowing I can’t tell directions

  8. Running the wrong way on an escalator – I mean…

  9. Singing lessons

  10. Going somewhere you don’t speak the language.

Basically, most of our fears revolve around being hurt, or making a fool of ourselves. The being hurt ones make sense, but if we think of doing these things with the proper training and professionals most (all?) of these can be mitigated… but the risk of embarrassing ourselves, or being rejected there really is no way around that. It might happen. But, also, it may not. And this is the risk we have to take. What’s the worst that will happen? Public humiliation? Feeling of failure? Maybe, but here are 2 things I need to say about this – 1) no one died from that 2) no one else cares that much, and if they do... well they need to work on their priorities.

None of us are immune from this, if you know me in real life, I may have told you this story… I mean it’s a handful of people. But it involves me, a Broadway/Hollywood star, subscription to a US philatelist magazine and my mother. I could fill in the blanks and join the dots, but I still live in hope that he will call me and that’s the ending I need to tell. The moral of the story? Take the risk.