Motivation, from the unmotivated.

A few weeks ago, when I was just started getting back into blogging and the whole podcast thing a friend asked me what I would be writing/talking about. I said, and she just about fell off the couch laughing, “did you hear what you just said?”. I hadn’t, I had just said what I thought I should be writing about (ergo what people were expecting to hear) What did I say? Well, in truly inspirational mode I had said “I should probably write something about motivation, but I can’t be assed”.

Imma just let that hang there.

But it is totally true, and I cannot be the only person who feels like that – in fact I know I can’t be. Sometimes we cannot be assed. Sometimes we want to sit on the couch and watch TV that makes us switch off. Sometimes we pull on that Lyrca… and then go lie on a yoga mat. Or our run, turns to intervals, turns to a brisk walk, turns to a stroll. Somedays we cannot be bothered

and this is totally normal. Also, it is allowed. (insert social media rant here)

As many (most?) of you know I have a 2018 challenge that I am prepping for and I am way way way behind where I am meant to be, I’ve been sick, my sons have been sick… since forever and I am getting to the point where it is starting to feel a little like its too much. Now this isn’t me looking for pity, this is just honesty on my part. I’m doing that really smart thing where you decide that rather than face up to things too much you stuck your head in the sand and hope it goes away, and in fairness right now I kind of do need to do this until I get well again… if I keep panicking about how much I have to do this is only going to make my anxiety around all of this much worse.

A few weeks ago, while in planning and “ready for it” mode I posted publicly about this challenge and got SO much amazing feedback and people willing to help. Which was a massive motivator, but also terrifying. Suddenly I have inboxes filling with messages of help and emails that I had to reply to and quotes that I had to give people. This is all exactly what I wanted, and it fantastic, so please don’t stop, but it did leave me feeling a little bit exposed and vulnerable – the ever-present fear of failure lurking in the back ground. I crossed over that fine line from motivated to overwhelmed. So, like all mature approx. 30yrs old, I backed off everything to try and make sure my head was still in the right space. And then illness fell on my family and well, now here I am panicking about the whole thing.

So, now I need to get my motivation fully back. In true “winging it” fashion I felt like I would just figure it out, I mean I talk to people all the time about this, so I can follow my own advice. Perhaps. But I also thought I would have a chat with my old friend Google to see what other people, across the internet would suggest. As you can imagine the practical information is all very much the same.

So, the advice…

  1. One Goal.

  2. Find inspiration.

  3. Get excited.

  4. Build anticipation.

  5. Post your goal.

  6. Commit publicly.

  7. Think about it daily.

  8. Get support.

  9. Realize that there’s an ebb and flow.

  10. Stick with it.


Ok, I agree with absolutely all of these but most of all, the one that jumps out at me is the idea of ebb and flow. Like, some days we are going to be SO into what we are doing, and we have the focus and drive and the ambition, and other days it seems overwhelming and totally hard. This is ok, this is all part of realizing our goals and what we want to do. Go with the ebb and flow, go with the times that it feels like its insurmountable, dwell on it, sulk over it, and then, when you are ready do go for it again. Whether your motivation comes frim within, or for someone else… it will come and go. So be prepared for that and then start again.

So, my words of wisdom? Go with the flow. If you want to do something, you will, I have no doubt of that.