The last time I recorded anything on here, well, it was a shameful length of time ago. And given that the topic was about how I unmotivated I was at that point I guess the assumption could have been that I had been packing it all in. However, nope I was just focusing on the practicality of the actual 12in12… so y’know, running about and stuff.

So, since last we spoke (so to speak) I hit my 200-mile month for February, spoke for International Women’s day and worked on growing my business some more… all super things that could make me sound full of myself. Which is great, because today I want to speak about something that has been on my mind for a while (since International Women’s Day… did I mention this?!). Ego. And why it is absolutely not a bad thing. It is good to boost your own ego (and the egos of those around you) and we should absolutely all be doing.

Ego is, “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance”. Please, tell me, why you shouldn’t work on boosting this or doing things that make you feel good. I don’t want to be that person but here I go, being, but if you don’t have a good idea of your own self worth or importance, why will anyone else. Of course, at times there is a fine line between being obnoxious and having high self-esteem, and no doubt what one person sees as confidence someone else will see as arrogance (but as We’ve covered before, people will feel and think what they want t, that’s nothing to do with you).

When I started marathon running it absolutely was about my ego and the desire to achieve my goal, and then once I had a baby and people told me “that’s the end of that” my ego grabbed my debit card and signed me up to a few more marathons. I was egotistical enough to believe that I could still do it. And I did, time and again. (sorry that was my ego that wrote that last part, Ego Claire is VERY proud of me). It all served my own self esteem and what I could do as an individual, despite the fact that I had also given birth. Now, I like to think I wasn’t arrogant and full of myself, but who is to say. To some people I probably was (am?) again, I can’t do too much about that. But what we call can do, to make sure that we aren’t alone in liking ourselves, is make sure we balance this ego out with quality that help other people and aren’t self-serving. There are loads of antonyms for ego; altruism, bashfulness, humbleness, humility, modesty, down-to-earthness. These, I think, are positive ones, However others include those that aren’t so positive, at least not for the individual displaying; diffidence, discredit, disesteem, disgrace, dishonour, disrepute, , humiliation, infamy, meekness, passiveness, passivity, self-disgust, self-doubt, shame, I mean, while these probably serve to help the esteem those around you, I am yet to meet anyone with high self-esteem, who is able to recognise their importance in this world who have displayed a majority of these more negative traits.

So, stick with the ego, serve yourself and then serve yourself by serving those around you with your kindness and desire to help and protect the esteem of others around you.

Now, I wanted to add a list in here of the most egotistical people of all time, but these are subject to people’s opinions. I can’t lie, I totally disagreed with some of what the internet showed me, and to be honest, it just kind of felt mean. But after googling it, I did learn a lot about wild things people have done and also Kanye West.

C x