100k in, Nicola's Challenge Update.

Today marks day 10 of Nicola's 10k a day challenge, she has now run over 100km this month for her son Ryley, raising funds fro the Anaphylaxis campaign.

As well as being a milestone in the her challenge, today marks a milestone in her and her family's journeywith her son's allergy diagnosis. Below is what Nicola has had to say about today.

"Today is definitely the day to take a minute to remember why I started this 30 day challenge, why April and why The Anaphylaxis Campaign.

​The 10th of April last year was Ryley’s first allergy testing, a skin prick test. I thought this day would hold all the answers to the million and one questions I already had. I thought we’d leave the hospital with adrenaline pens and reassurance on what to do next. I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried. .I’m not blaming the NHS, as lets be honest they provide bloody fantastic service each and every day of the year, but to say they are lacking research and resources for the treatment and diagnosis of allergies is a very true and scary fact.

In our case, It took another 7 months for us to find out Ryley is anaphylactic to peanuts and that was only through asking for blood tests (which I didn’t even know was an option) I really had to stress my concerns that the reactions he had were only by ingesting the smallest imaginable amount of peanut butter and the fear I had that a mouthful could be fatal.

This time last year we went home with a false sense of security, with Ryley still not properly protected against his allergies. As new allergy parents we didn’t know what support and guidance we needed, but we definitely needed more than we received.

Me doing this 30 day challenge isn’t going to make any changes to his allergies, it is raising awareness though and I know that any money raised for The Anaphylaxis Campaign, will go towards the vital and necessary research into anaphylaxis and helping the newly diagnosed to get the help and support that I wish we’d received. Feeling lost and helpless as an allergy parent really is the worst feeling and I wouldn’t want that for anyone. .thank you again to all the people that have donated already, I really cannot thank your generosity enough. Also to all the people that have had such kind words to say, your support is invaluable"

I would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Nicola so far and you can continue to do so by cheering her on via the facebook page, sharing her story (this is the BIGGEST thing you can do in terms of awareness) and of course at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/12in12nicolaschallenge