Virtual Runs

If you have followed the "12" you know that it all began with marathons.  SO if you want to get involved AND a lovely medal you can run virtually. Oh and it doesn't need to be a marathon you run!

5k, 10k, 13.1,  26.2 and monthly miles options are available (if you are looking on a phone scroll all the way down to see the distance you want!)

This months Charity in the spot light is the Anaphylaxis Campaign

12 in 12 number 4! As with so many of th

How does it work?

1) Enter

2) Run your distance

3) Send your time and evidence to

4) Wait for your medal

5) Bask in your glory!!!


6) Tell your friends what you are doing and why.

Did you miss running for a charity

during it's month?  Don't worry!